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From the Israeli government to the largest local insurance and banking institutions, we enable leading cooperations in diverse industries and across multiple verticals to create instant automated bots.




 is the Israeli government website providing the public with simple and fast access to government information and services. centralizes government information and services from all the government branches on one innovative and mobile compatible* website.


Customers use the site to access personal data, government information, and services. Anywhere, Anytime. Online.


Information from governmental sources such as:


  • Prime Minister's Office

  • The Ministry of Justice

  • The Population and Immigration Authority,

  • The ministries of Tourism

  • Culture and Sport

  • Public Security 

  • Transport and Road Safety

  • Energy

  • Construction and Housing 

  • Law Enforcement and Collection System Authority


as well as other selected services from all government ministries and authorities. was looking to have other information and service channels through a chatbot alongside web browsing.


Their goal was to empower the various employees at to create interconnected workflows and upload them themselves, without the use of IT and programmers.


After a market review and testing, the Cellesense solution was chosen.


The result was a chatbot that is instantly created by the staff and lets end-users easily navigate using navigation buttons through different services while at the same time combining it with free-text search.


Changes and updates are quickly and simply done by the staff as necessary. was able to increase both the user experience vastly and service level while considerably reducing cost and headcount.


Cellesense and Maccabi Health Services  








Founded in 1940, Maccabi Healthcare Services is the second-largest HMO - Health Maintenance Organizations - in Israel, providing a large variety of healthcare services to its 2.4  million clients through its various divisions and subsidiaries.


Maccabi’s call centers handle millions of internal and external calls from its millions of users and customers every month. Therefore, it’s critical for them to find ways to reduce costs while improving service and efficiency to stay competitive.


Like many large and complex organizations, Maccabi was facing the ongoing operational challenges of handling internal service calls requiring assistance and support from technicians.

With a vast array of IT equipment, including printers, desktop computers, as well as medical equipment such as X-ray machines and ultrasound devices, the challenges are huge in terms of complexity and importance.


A central issue was that internal service calls were going through a call center that received the technical report, identified, and connected the user with the relevant technician.  After the work was executed, the internal service call center handled the closing and reporting on Maccabi’s CRM system.


The whole process of handling a service call was extremely labor-intensive and consumed endless call center rep hours.


Maccabi needed an automated tool to adequately replaces all of the tasks that the reps were performing.

Their main requirements were:


  • Fast implementation time 

  • Ease of use for non-technical staff

  • Ability to easily modify on the fly

  • The system had to be installed on their internal servers


After researching the market, Maccabi turned to Cellesense to provide a solution.


Cellesense installed their latest solution on their in-house servers giving their staff the ability to draw any workflow they desired and watch it come to life.


Maccabi automated the whole process from start to finish within minutes without any prior training.  


Everything from taking live calls, engaging the user’s requests, matching and connecting them to the right technician, to issuing reports and closing tickets on the CRM was moved to the internal bot. 


The app was launched over the Telegram network.


The Cellesense proprietary solution perfectly managed the tasks from start to finish, even executing seamless handover protocol in the rare case that a human was needed. 



“Cellesense’s Business App Development capability allowed us to launch an app for our internal service use. 


The app launch outcome was fantastic due to major cost savings in labor-intensive work, which was nearly completely eliminated.”  



The app only took minutes for the staff to create and launch over any of Maccabi’s channels. Any modifications needed can be made at any time - all without any coding, configuration, or the need to export data to a third party.


Implementing Cellesense's solution saved Maccabi costly person-hours while simultaneously decreasing service-down time and increasing user satisfaction. 


Bank Hapoalim​ 






Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s largest bank.


When the Covid 19 pandemic broke, Bank Hapoalim was faced with the severe adversity that came with lockdowns and restrictions. The necessity to swiftly enhance and scale digital channels to continue to provide service for their millions of clients became a sink or swim moment for the banking leader and the clients that depend on it.


After researching the market, Bank Hapoalim chose Cellese to deliver a bot that will provide answers and services to their customers.


The Bot functionality needed to include fully resolving and executing requests like:


  • How to renew a forgotten web site password 

  • How to order a new credit card 

  • How to deposit a cheque using the banks mobile application 

  • How to request for a loan payment delay 


and much much more.


 Bank Hapoalim chose Cellesense to take on this challenge.


Cellesense received a list of Q&A which was translated into a workflow according to different topics.


The workflow was then converted into a bot. After the bank’s cyber clearance, the bot was launched as a special bot page.


The Cellesense bot became an additional digital channel for the banks’ users who welcomed the enhanced information they were able to receive - instantly.


Bank Hapoalim is now serving their customers in a faster and much more efficient manner while saving countless person-hours. 

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