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Use Cases


Treatment protocol

Follow all steps, measurements, and calculations required to perform a protocol, e.g.  Extubating.


Guide the caregiver to handle different scenarios, e.g. elderly patient falls.

Dosage calculation

Calculate medication dosage when multiple variable effect, e.g. Gentamicin, Warfarin

Patient interview

Interview the patient to save medical team time, e.g. surveys, triage

Creating A DragOnFlow App






Step 2. Upload the file to the server, and it will be automatically converted into a dialog-based, business application 


Step 3. That’s it! The application is ready 


Step 1. Draw a flow chart using familiar tools such as: PowerPoint, Visio or draw.IO. 


Logic flow - control the workflow using decision points, that utilize Calculations and inline scripting

Powerful formulas - easily calculate from simple dosage of medication to equations solver, differentiate, matrices, sets and much more.

Flowchart functionality - rich controls for text & multimedia, images, picture taking capabilities, skatch pad, barcore reader, live map, and more

Multilingual - Support multiple languages including RTL LTR

Multi-Channel - Users can use Web (HTML site + JS library), WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Apps on

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