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Perfect execution of diagnostics and treatment!

DragOnFlow, provides hospitals and home care organizations with
a dialog based interactive tool, enhancing patient safety, through perfect and complete execution of diagnostics and treatment protocols.

Our tool, guides the healthcare staff or care givers, through each stage of the protocol, ensuring they don't miss any step.



Non-technical professionals retain full control, edit & update applications in minutes

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Applications ROI can range from 200% to as high as 20,000% 


Automated apps are fundamental for businesses that need to provide their users with excellent support and service without the cost of massive manpower.


The problem with conventional applications development is:


  • Complex setup and configuration

  • Requires time and expertise 

  • Has limited functionality

  • Dependent on a third-party platform


Other business app development solutions either offer very limited functionality or present more challenges than solutions.

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DragOnFlow Is The Ultimate App Development Solution


DragOnFlow is a development environment for non-technical people. Any professional within the organization can draw a flowchart using her/his favorite off-the-shelf tool like Visio, Draw.IO or Power Point, and describe a process or transaction.

The flowchart is uploaded to DragOnFlow’s server and converted into a dialogue based interactive application which is immediately available for use.

DragOnFlow “brings the different shapes in the flowchart to life”. They turn into buttons, calculations, decision junctions, instructions and much more.

IT steps in if integration to back-office or short pieces of code are required.

A single flowchart serves multiple channels including web, mobile apps, WhatsApp, Telegram, FB Messenger, and LINE. It may contain dozens of multi-language dialogs, integrations, multimedia, dynamic forms and more.

Our Advantage


•    Easy to operate - creating apps/content does not require special training
•    Embedded multi-language capability
•    Most of the work is done with off-the-shelf familiar tools
•    System changes are easily made by updating the flow chart and uploading it to the server
•    Can work completely offline without any dependents of an online server
•    Cloud or local installation
•    UI on a website and/or on existing apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger, etc.
•    Ease of building APIs with back-office

Seamless Handover Protocol

Cellesense is the ultimate bot solution


We’ve invented the easiest way for you to create automated processes that your users will love.


Simply draw a workflow and within minutes your bot is ready.


Our bots automate and perfectly execute business processes.


A single bot created in mear minutes can simultaneously and efficiently attend to thousands of your users more efficiently than hundreds of workers.

We give you the ability to instantly create bots that will seamlessly manage any complex tasks you give them.

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