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Advanced Patient Safety
DragOnFlow transforms clinicians’ protocols into an interactive guide, maximizing patient safety.
Clinicians that provide care are forced to rely on fragmented information and memory. Improper execution of healthcare protocols & guidelines, leads to avoidable patient harm. The annual cost of payments for medical malpractice claims in the US is $56B.



A new standard for protocol compliance and patient safety

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 The Clinician Information Overload Problem

Clinicians who provide care are forced to rely on fragmented information and memory.


Improper execution of healthcare protocols and guidelines leads to avoidable patient harm.


DragOnFlow transform and consolidate existing medical protocols and guidelines into an interactive guide that ensures, simplifies, and verifies correct implementation.

The results: 

Increased patient safety, increased operational efficiency

Decreased legal and insurance expenses, decreased operational costs

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How DragOnFlow Works


Describe a protocol or guideline as a flowchart using common tools like Draw.IO, Excel, Visio, or PowerPoint. DragOnFlow automatically converts the flowchart into an interactive guide that is available on any device.


The generated interactive guide will:
● Outline rules for execution
● Ask all the relevant questions
● Collect indexes, multimedia and data from existing systems
● Perform calculations, threshold tests

At the end of the process, DragOnFlow provides a detailed report for audit trail purposes.

Our Advantage

•    Instant messaging like interface

•    Broken down to simple steps one question or instruction at a time

•    User can easily upload photographs, documents

•    Easy to operate - creating apps/content does not require special training
•    Embedded multi-language capability
•    Most of the work is done with off-the-shelf familiar tools
•    System changes are easily made by updating the flow chart and uploading it to the server
•    Can work completely offline without any dependents of an online server
•    Cloud or local installation
•    UI on a website and/or on existing apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Messenger, etc.
•    Ease of building APIs with back-office

Seamless Handover Protocol

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